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    We are a California-based CBD company that provides quality hemp-related products. Noctua Wellness is proud to offer the most diverse delta-8 THC portfolios in the hemp industry. Just like our USDA-certified organic CBD products, each of our delta-8 THC products comes from the most delicate American-grown hemp flowers. We partner with several organic hemp farms and seed companies to provide indoor-like hemp buds.

    We use pure, clear color Delta 8 THC distillate on top-shelf buds. Each strain’s rich terpene profile provides a multilayered high while completely freeing any synthetic chemical additives. CBD Kief is added to the buds to improve their strength.

    We strive to bring you premium vape cartridges. Our team controls the entire process to ensure quality and safety. We use the highest purity distillate, all-natural food-grade terpenes from the top and most trusted suppliers. As well as top-of-the-line carts, most consumers describe the experience as cerebral elevation, creativity, and elevation humor. 

    Our delta-8 THC CBD gummies are fruit-flavored edibles. Made with Fruit Pectin, these Delta 8 Vegan+Organic Gummies are an excellent alternative to traditional gelatin-based gummies.

    We offer lab-verified delta-8 THC shatter and wax in sizes ranging from one gram to one pound. Whatever quantity you order, we guarantee this concentrate only contains hemp-derived terpenes and cannabinoids.

    Why Noctua Wellness?


    A wholesaler has access to a wide range of products, from several base flowers directly from farms partner with Noctua Wellness to dozens of terpene flavors from top leading plant-based terpene companies. We value quality overall. Our delta-8 THC wholesale program offers hemp flowers, vape cartridges, concentrates, and gummies. Our exciting seasonal D8 THC edibles tasty beef jerky, cookies, and chocolate are available in winter.


    Save big on Delta-8 wholesale orders.

    Wholesale Quantity

    Start with a small inventory with us. We know cash flow matters.
    1 pound or more delta 8thc hemp flowers
    1 Liter of raw distillate
    50 units of D8 vape cartridges
    100 counts of D8 Gummies
    25 counts of D8 concentrates

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    When it comes to safety, we take it seriously. Lab-tested for
    Purity and compliance for every batch, including raw materials.

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    We are 100% behind our products and provide excellent support. We will be here every step of the way to your success.

    Delta-8 THC Flower Catalog

    DELTA-8 THC Moon Rock
    Δ8-THC: 150mg/gk
    CBG: 100mg/gk
    Total Cannabinoids: 25%

    DELTA-8 THC Moon Rock
    Δ8-THC: 70.15mg/g
    CBD: 188.7mg/g
    Total Cannabinoids: 32.5%

    DELTA-8 AK-47
    Δ8-THC: 137.8mg/g
    Total CBD: 13.34%
    Total Cannabinoids: 31.22%
    Earthy and sweet floral flavor

    Δ8-THC: 62.4mg/g
    CBGA: 23.9mg/g
    Total CBD: 6.69%
    Total Cannabinoids: 16.67%
    Sweet hashish flavors with subtle notes of
    chocolate and coffee

    Δ8-THC: 126.5mg/g
    CBGA: 28.1mg/g
    Total CBD: 11.72%
    Total Cannabinoids: 29.48%
    Sweet pineapple flavor with hints of cedar

    Δ8-THC: 115.3mg/g
    Total CBD: 10.83%
    Total Cannabinoids: 35.45%
    Creamy and citrus flavors

    Δ8-THC: 117.2mg/g
    Total CBD: 13.99%
    Total Cannabinoids: 30.52%
    Notes of peach, skunk, fruit and spice flavor

    Δ8-THC: 156.6mg/g
    Total CBD: 10.63%
    Total Cannabinoids: 29.88%
    pungent pine aroma with a distinct skunk

    Δ8-THC: 207.2mg/g
    Total CBD: 11.65%
    Total CBC: 55%
    Total Cannabinoids: 91.3%
    euphoria and skunky-citrus flavor and aroma

    Δ8-THC: 158.6mg/g
    Total CBD: 8.55%
    Total Cannabinoids: 29.24%
    pleasant fruity citrus flavor with a fresh,
    overripe banana aroma

    Δ8-THC: 51.8mg/g
    Total CBG: 18.5mg/g
    Total CBD: 9.15%
    Total Cannabinoids: 16.7%
    Strong pine scent with tropical citrus
    and earth flavors

    Δ8-THC: 31.5mg/g
    Total CBD: 11.10%
    Total Cannabinoids: 16%
    Earthy, piney and slightly sour strain with floral and fruity waves of blueberries and diesel

    Δ8-THC: 92.5%
    Flavors: CandyMan Haze - Sativa
    Mountian goo - Indica
    Goldengoat- Hyber
    Wedding Cake - Indica
    Runtz - Indica
    Blue Dream - Sativa
    Super Sour Diesel - Sativa
    Nerds - Indica
    Baby Yoda OG - Indica
    Pineapple Express - Indica
    Superglue - Hyber
    Watermelon Haze - Sativa
    OG Kush - Indica
    Girl Scout Cookie - Indica
    Apple Jacks - Hyber
    Starburst - Sativa
    Sherbert - Indica
    Ghost Train - Sativa
    Grape Limeade - Hyber
    Wedding cookies- Hyber